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In order to offer the most complete line of quality HVAC/R products, Alfa Laval acquired Standard Refrigeration. The range is now referred to as Alfa Laval Standard, and continues to represent quality, durability and versatility.


Large passages handle dirty fluids and allow flushing for onsite cleaning. Parts of the unit can be easily replaced or repaired without the need to replace the entire unit.

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  • TX/TXC single and multiple circuit DX evaporators - ideal for system builders
  • TX/TXC single and multiple circuit for R410A - for higher pressure refrigerants
  • TXC dual circuit 40% glycol DX evaporator - added protection in colder climates
  • ERS and ERD replacement evaporators - Dunham-Bush one or three pass; for freshwater duty; 4-111 tons
  • Ammonia flooded evaporators
  • HSE horizontal water-cooled condenser - compact, durable and cost-efficient
  •  HSE-MP multi-purpose condenser
  • SST high pumpdown capacity condenser
  • SST-MP multi-purpose condenser
  • HP horizontal water-cooled condenser with removable end plates and gaskets
  • CA horizontal water-cooled condenser with stainless steel components on the waterside; ideal for pulp and paper mill applications
  • CA-MP multi-purpose horizontal condenser
  • MSE horizontal water-cooled marine condenser for fresh and salt water duties
  •  MST horizontal water-cooled marine condenser with additional pumpdown capacity
  • AMC horizontal water-cooled condenser with carbon steel components
  • ELT horizontal tube-in-tube water-cooled condenser for small mounting footprints
  • VSE vertical shell-and-coil water-cooled condenser for small footprints
  • SCH/SCS coaxial water-cooled condenser for domestic heat pumps and water coolers




The Alfa Laval Standard condenser range includes different products that are optimized to heat water and seawater.

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Alfa Laval Standard receivers are available in horizontal and vertical models.

  • HR horizontal receiver
  • RBV horizontal receiver with factory installed brackets and valves
  • UR vertical receiver
  • UV vertical receiver with factory installed brackets and valves
  • L vertical receiver with a valve and fusible plug

Accumulators, oil pots, air dryers and parts

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  • A-Series suction accumulators
  • AOP ammonia oil pots
  • AD air dryers



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