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Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors

Frascold produces a wide range of semi-hermetic reciprocating single and

two-stage compressors with displacement ranging from 4 to 240

m3/h at 50Hz and electrical ratings from 0.50 to 80 HP.

Suitable for conventional HFC-based refrigerants, new low-GWP

refrigerants, HFO, natural refrigerants.


The compressors are suitable for use in a wide range of retail and

industrial cooling applications, process chillers and AC, heat pumps; in

single, multi-compressor systems and cascade systems. A long list of

accessories multiplies their application versatility.

All models can work with inverter.


The range stands out for its high efficiency and ensuing operating cost

savings. The design also assures sturdiness, low noise and compact

overall dimensions.


The protection system integrated in the compressors is the most advanced

on the market.


In addition to standard models, the compressor range also includes the

ECOinside models optimized for use with R134a and R1234ze, AXH,

AXY and AXE models with ATEX configuration, VS models with integrated

inverter, SK3 and TK models for applications with CO2 in subcritical and

transcritical cycle, two-stage models, twin configuration models.

The performance of most models is ASERCOM-certified.



Semi Hermetic Brochure


2 Stage Semi Hermetic Brochure





Application with variable frequency drive


All compressors are constructed for use with inverter technology and are suitable for operation with variable frequency drive in

a wide range of applications.

• 2 cylinder models: cooling capacity control from 60% to 174% (30Hz - 87Hz)

• 4 cylinder models with centrifugal lubrication: cooling capacity control from 50% to 174% (25Hz - 87Hz)

• 4 cylinder models with forced lubrication: cooling capacity control from 60% to 140% (30Hz - 70Hz)

• 6 and 8 cylinder models: cooling capacity control from 60% to 140% (30Hz - 70Hz)



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