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Whatever your chiller needs, from specifying to purchasing, our NH3 Custom Packaged Systems has the solution. Our family of chillers enables us to achieve superior efficiency at true operating conditions without compromising the environment. We are committed to providing the right refrigerant in the right equipment at the right time. We design all of our chillers utilizing industrial duty components for maximum reliability providing the highest return on investment.



Explosion proof chillers are engineered to ensure that no spark will be released from the electrical components of the chiller, which could ignite the explosive gases present in the specified areas. We use custom designed enclosures around motors, switches, and other electrical components, which are connected by special wiring conduits.


All chillers can be supplied to meet NEC standards for Class 1. Division 1 and 2, Groups C & D with optional Group B for some applications.


Standard features


  • Open drive reciprocating or screw compressors
  •  Water-cooled chillers to meet Class 1. Division 1, Group D
  • Air-cooled chillers with non-sparking fans with totally enclosed air over motors for use in Class 1. Division 2, Group D
  • Local controls with type Z purge panel to meet Class 1. Division 2, Group D
  • Remotely mounted controls for Class 1. Division 1, Group D

Explosion Proof


Low Temperature

Air Cooled

Ice Rink

Water Cooled


Custom Refrigeration Packaged Systems

exlosion proof chiller midstates refrigeration supply
explostion proof tank chiller midstates refrigeration supply
low temperature chiller midstates refrigeration supply
low temperature chiller midstates refrigeration supply



We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of low temperature chillers. Low temperature systems are defined as +20 deg. F and below for fluid set points. Systems include single stage mechanical refrigeration to –40 deg. F, two stage systems to –60 deg. F, and cascade systems down to –80 deg. F. We can also provide CO2/ ammonia cascade systems for temperatures down to –65 deg. F. For lower temperature requirements we construct liquid nitrogen systems down to –160 deg. F. Capacities range from 5 tons on up.

Options include


  • Screw or reciprocating compressors
  • Indoor, Outdoor, or explosion proof systems
  • Air cooled, water cooled, or evaporative condensing
  • All types of refrigerants
  • All types of secondary heat transfer fluids
  • PLC control
ammonia chiller midstates refrigeration supply




Ammonia has been the refrigerant of choice for large industrial systems for decades. The reliability and durability of ammonia components provide for the lowest life cycle cost of any chiller over a 20-year cycle.


It is a well-known fact that industrial chillers operate at design conditions less than 1% of the time. Ammonia has the best part load performance of any available refrigerant.


We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of ammonia chillers. We can design a system just for your application. We can provide compact ammonia chillers from 30 to 200 tons, and large central chiller applications up to 700 tons.

Options include


  • Open drive reciprocating or screw compressors
  • Air cooled, water cooled, or evaporative condensing
  • Direct expansion, flooded, plate & frame, or shell & tube designs
  • PLC control
  • Chiller pumping systems available on the skid
  • Complete system packaged in a weatherproof shipping container



We offer a wide range of packaged air-cooled chillers for your industrial process needs. We offer a small portable line of air-cooled chillers with a variety of features and options to meet your application and budget. These self-contained chillers are available from 5 to 40 tons, and temperatures down to +20 deg. F.


Our outdoor air-cooled chillers are available from 50 to 350 tons, and temperatures down to +20 deg. F. These outdoor air-cooled units are designed for central chiller applications, and larger critical industrial processes. These industrial duty chillers utilize robust components for reliability, flexibility, and control.


Available options include


  • Factory installed chiller pumping systems
  • Remote evaporator to keep chilled water piping inside the building
  • PLC control
  • VFD fan control
  • Low ambient package
air cooled chiller midstates refrigeration supply
air cooler chiller midstates refrigeration supply



Our custom engineered industrial refrigeration systems include ice rink chillers. We offer everything from two compressor single rink systems to three compressor double rink packages. We also build individual chiller modules that can fit through standard double door openings. Our systems are factory assembled and tested to ensure the highest level of quality and minimum start-up time.

System features and options


  • HFC or ammonia refrigerants
  • Glycol or calcium chloride brine
  • Water cooled, air cooled, or evaporative condensing
  • Heat recovery option
  • Direct expansion or flooded chillers
  • Reduced refrigerant charge or critical charge systems
  • Screw or reciprocating compressor options
  • Capacities from 15 to 300 tons
  • PLC control system
  • Cooling tower or remote sump pumping systems ship loose



Water-cooled chillers are designed for industrial processing applications where +85 deg. F cooling tower water is available. Our custom systems can also be designed for river water, lake water, well water, or chilled water. We can also provide a cooling tower with our cooling tower pumping system for your application. Our water-cooled chillers range in size from 5 tons to 500 tons.

Options include


  • Redundant condensers
  • Hinged condenser heads for easy cleaning
  • Cooling water strainers and or filters
  • Shell & tube or plate & frame heat exchangers
  •  Automatic water regulating valves
  • Semi-hermetic or open drive screw or reciprocating compressors
  • PLC control
ice rink chiller mdistates refrigeration supply


water cooled chiller midstates refrigeration supply

Rack Chiller Systems

  • Multiple compressors mounted on a common base rack for distributed refrigeration supply
  • Typically offered with a condenser package
  • Reciprocating or screw compressors available as standard
  • High turndown
  • Industrial quality offered at competitive price
  • Many options are available by request



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