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The traditional refrigeration and air conditioning techniques  are  quickly  changing  to  respond  to  an  always  increasing  responsibility  of  the  industry  towards  the  environment.  As consequence,  as  an  alternative  to  synthetic  refrigerants,  the  market  shows  a  growing  tendency  to  use  natural  refrigerants in several applications. Hydrocarbons represent a  very  well  known  and  tested  natural  refrigerant  solution,  they don’t have harmful effects on the ozone layer (ODP=0) and have an extremely low effect on global warming (GWP). Furthermore, compared with other natural alternatives like  CO2 and  NH3,  they  are  extremely  competitive  in  terms  of  initial  investment.  These  refrigerants  work  at  pressure  levels very similar to R22  and show a very similar refrigeration capacity. Hydrocarbons  don’t  have  any  corrosive  effect  on  copper   and  can  be  easily  used  with  semi-hermetic  compressors  with enclosed electric motor.


Based on its traditional semi-hermetic compressors, Frascold has developed a new product line,   whose   technology is identified by the initials AXH.  These compressors are suitable to be  used  with all the most commonly  used  hydrocarbons  (propane  R290,  propylene  R1270,   isobutane   R600a) and have been technically modified to guarantee the safety standard requested for the flammability of hydrocarbons.

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