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Frascold CX compact screw compressors range has been designed to grant the maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Currently the range consists of 566 models, which cover not only a wide cooling capacity range but also an extremely various application range (air conditioning, process cooling, heat pumps and even refrigeration at medium evaporating temperatures).

Frascold compact screw compressor can be used with the most common refrigerant gases in a very wide envelope and according to the working conditions it is possible to identify two main configurations for assuring the highest efficiency:


CXH Vi = 3.1 suitable for high compression ratios (typically air-cooled units)

CXW Vi = 2.3 suitable for low compression ratios (typically water-cooled units)



Models identified with “CX_I” are those suitable for being matched with an external VFD, while those identified with “CX_IT” have a built-in VFD and are factory set and tested according to customer parameters.


Models identified with “CX_IV” and with “CX_ITV” are similar to those just described but are equipped with the optional device ACVR (Automatic Continuous Vi Regulation) which optimizes automatically and continuously the compressor’s Vi to the actual pressure ratio, thus granting for each working condition and load the maximum efficiency.


Models identified with “CX_P” are those specifically designed for applications with flooded type evaporators and can be used also in parallel compound. Their performances are basically those of CXH and CXW models, but have a different lay-out characterized mainly by the absence of the integrated oil separator. They have an insulated bell to minimize pulsations and noise and a rotalock connection for oil return from external oil separator. Furthermore the check valve on discharge side, the oil filter and the oil flow switch are integrated, making It possible to simplify the external oil line.


A dedicated version of CX series complies with ATEX zone 2 certification (directive ATEX 2014/34/UE; designation CE Ex II 3G cb IIB T3 -20°C<Ta<+60°C) and is meant for applications with HC or HFO, i.e. with R290, R1270 or R1234ze just to mention the most common flammable or mildly flammable refrigerants used nowadays. The name of this dedicated models will end with “AX”. They are delivered with ATEX-certified components, with integrated oil flow switch and without oil charge.


Thanks to the latest and most advanced production technologies and quality procedures and thanks to a design focused on optimizing the fluid dynamics, safety, flexibility and durability, the compressor operation is always efficient, silent and reliable. Apart from VFD driven models, the capacity control is achieved through the hydraulic movement of a slide valve and such system provides for high

efficiencies at any loads. However to increase further their efficiency all models can also work with economizer. The sophisticated 3-stage oil separation system grants min oil carry-over, while the correct lubrication can be monitored through suitable devices and accessories.


Finally, all models but those with built-in inverter or those ATEX certified can be manufactured according to UL certification.



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