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Built to Last


  • Heavy duty galvanized steel structure and casing
  • Submerged areas bolted or welded – not tap screwed
  • Welded areas hot dip galvanized – not cold galvanized
  • Stainless steel construction options
  • Manufactured by SPX and SGS in the USA

Easy To Install and Maintain


  • Module connections designed for minimal fasteners
  • Mechanical systems designed for reliability and service
  • Self-draining, clog-resistant water distribution system
  • Pre-assembled platform options with welded guardrails
  • Large rectangular access doors

Accurate Sizing and Selection


  • UPDATE™ Product Selection Software eliminates guesswork
  • Knowledgeable nationwide network of technical representatives
marley sgs midstates refrigeration supply

Cube Evaporative Condensers – Options

Induced Draft and Forced Draft Models


Choose from a broad range of models to meet your specific refrigeration requirements. Forced draft and induced draft models offer unique advantages suited to your evaporative cooling applications.


Induced Draft models include:


  • Marley Geareducer® Drive for lowest maintenance, most reliable performance with 5-year warranty
  • Triple-pass inlet louvers to control splash out and sunlight exposure to basin
  • Dual u-bolt fan hub design to reduce de-pitching and vibration potential
  • TEFC fan motors standard
  • Sound reduction options enable induced draft selections with sound levels up to 15+ dBA lower than similar size forced draft condensers

CUBE Model                  Nominal Widths                            Nominal Lengths                     Fan Motor (HP)                         R717 Tons*

Induced Draft                    10', 12'                                        12', 18', 24', 36'                          10-120                                   204-1272

Forced Draft                     10', 12'                                         12', 18', 24', 36'                            6-120                                  187-1359



Cube Evaporative





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