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The range of compressors for subcritical CO2 applications, has been developed taking into account the most recent requirements from the refrigeration technologies and by manufacturers of refrigerating applications for supermarkets.


The compressors are ideal for use with hybrid systems (ie. cascade system) and, in combination with the compressors Frascold TK series for transcritical CO2 applications, they offer the possibility to built-up multi-compressor installations for medium and low temperature (booster systems).


The parameters considered during designing phase, allow the use of SK3 models in an extended working range with higher evaporation temperatures and condensation. Similarly, also the maximum permissible stand still pressure Pss is higher, allowing the use of these compressors even when the increase of pressure represents a limitation for building the plant itself.

Co2 Sub Critical and Trans Critical Compressor

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Subcritical Installation


Transcritical Installation



Transcritical Brochure



Subcritical Brochure







The TK series compressors for transcritical CO2 applications, has been developed keeping in mind the latest requirements from the refrigeration and heating technology.


Specifically, the TK compressors are designed for application with CO2 transcritical process, such as heat pumps and refrigeration systems in medium temperature, as well as cascade and booster systems in which the TK compressor, in combination with an SK compressor for CO2 application with subcritical process, allow the construction of multi-compressor systems for medium and low temperature.




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