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1-26 Ton Condenser



DVT Condenser Brochure


DVT air-cooled condensers are available from 1 through 26

ton models. They are designed for efficient performance and

low maintenance.


  • Horizontal or vertical air discharge
  • Attractive aluminum housing
  • Multi-circuiting at no additional charge
  • Energy efficient fan motors with internal overload protection and permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Motors wired to a common junction box
  • Coated steel fan guards
  • Fully baffled fan sections to prevent windmilling



Capacity for air-cooled condensers are based on total heat of rejection (THR) at the condenser. THR is equal to net refrigeration at the evaporator (compressor capacity) plus the energy input into the refrigerant by the compressor (heat of compression).The heat of compression will vary depending on the compressor manufacturer, type of compressor and the operating conditions of the compressor. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you obtain the heat of compression value from the compressor manufacturer.



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